Yulia Zubok

Doctor of Social Science, professor, one of the leading experts on youth problems.

Head of the Department of Youth Sociology, FGBUN Institute of Social and Political Studies.

Author of a number of theoretical areas: social integration and social exclusion of young people, aspects of these processes in times of social instability. She has developed a typology of youth-specific conflicts and models for their resolution. Yulia Zubok is one of the authors of the youth risk concept, the concept of youth social integration, youth extremism, social regulation and self-regulation in the face of changing social reality.

Member of the Expert Council under the Chairman of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and Federal Agency for Youth Affairs; accredited in the Federal register of experts in the research and technical field; member of the editorial board of several academic journals, including the leading Socis sociological journal.

Author of more than 150 research papers published in Russia and abroad.